So I’ve had this desire to create an Etsy shop. The shop would sell something that I loved creating, and it would be fun to grow my shop. So BAM! I opened an Etsy shop where I can sell my social media designs to help micro-influencers develop their visibility online. The results are that I created my Etsy shop, and it’s called Social Designs By Kim (SDBK). YAY! 

social designs by kim etsy shop - micro-influencer marketing - kim beasley

Now that I have launched, I wanted to start sharing my adventure via blogging as I venture into the Etsy world of sellers. So far, I’ve had a steep learning curve, yet I’ve had a lot of fun getting everything set up.

My biggest challenge so far with…

Being a newbie Etsy seller and diving into micro-influencer marketing, I’ve found that my initial concept has changed a lot. It changed after I started with research on Etsy. If I haven’t learned anything else, and that is, you must begin with an analysis of your target market which leads to refining what you will offer in your Etsy shop.

Here’s my list of things you must keep in mind when researching on Etsy:

  • Know who your target customer is
  • Understand what your target customer will buy on Etsy, their “wants”
  • Determine what the price range that your target customer will spend on Etsy for your products/services
  • Define how you will meet the “wants” of your target customers
  • Be open to getting out of your comfort zone and meeting the “wants” of your target customers
  • HAVE FUN!!!

My biggest win so far Micro-Influencer Marketing

In micro-influencer marketing, it is important to keep that having fun as I get everything set up helps things flow better. SDBK is still in the startup phase of getting the Etsy shop set up. It’s just me who’s doing the design, and I am enjoying the flow of creativity.

My main inspiration so far has been learning from Nancy Badillo, who has an excellent website and YouTube channel. Nancy is a great example of an influencer who's paying it forward by sharing her knowledge. Her YouTube channel is packed full of insightful training and helpful tips about how to excel at selling on Etsy.

She also has training that teaches you how to build a successful Art Printables Etsy Shop and start earning passive income with little up-front cost, no shipping fees, and low overhead expenses. Learn more here:

I’ve also learned beneficial tips from her Facebook group, Etsy Sellers Support Groupwhich has encouraged me to work hard at growing the visibility of my Etsy shop. Asking questions in her Facebook group is encouraged, and I’ve had a very positive experience. Even though there are many Facebook groups with Etsy as the focus, I’ve been motivated the most via Nancy’s group.

What’s next for me…

Now that I’ve begun my adventure into Etsy Land, I’m excited to see how my shop will grow in revenue and with followers. Right now, my emphasis is on designing graphics for my Etsy shop and creating a coaching program about micro-influencer marketing for those who want to build their brand online.

Remember, you can find my Etsy shop by visiting: